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Urban Farm Church

This is my current project called the Urban Farm Church you can find out more at Urban Farm | Urban Farm Church | Columbus.


I started consulting with them last year 2022 while still at Seminary Hill Farm helping them develop a plan and making a budget for what it would take to make it happen. Once I left Seminary Hill Farm in the fall, I moved here to be the full-time farm and education developer.

This is my first project building it from nothing into something. I have learned a lot over the past 6 months and it has been very exciting seeing the plan go from paper into reality.

The property is a little over 4 acres and we have turned a little over a half-acre into food production with the vision to make the rest of the property into a native heavy food forest. This project is focused on building community around farming and sustainable practices and modeling what is possible for churches to make use of their land.

With the main goal of building community, the food is an added bonus and is free and available to anyone and everyone that wants or needs it. It has been an amazing experience helping this vision come to fruition. I hope to take this model and implement it everywhere I can.

We are using a no dig method focusing on systems and practices that are efficient and practical to cut the amount of labor and maintenance needed. Farming should be easy and fun and accessible to all. If this is a vison you share I would love to help and share my success and failures with you to bring your dream into reality.

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