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We want to help everyone we can reach their growing potential. Offering one on one consulting services, crop planning, grow room and farm design, farm development, and resources and education. Whatever it takes to get you or your business to the next level. Growing can and should be easeful and stress free. Let us help you get there.

My Story

My name is Taylor and I started my growing journey in 2011 teaching myself how to cultivate mushrooms indoors. From there I converted my entire backyard into a garden in 2012. Both of these experiences lead to my passion for mycology and small-scale local food systems.

In 2015 I went to Seminary Hill Farm in Delaware Ohio to be a farm apprentice. There I learned all I could about running and managing a 10-acre market farm and CSA program. Over my 7 years there I went from apprentice to farm manager and had over 30 interns I taught everything I knew to. I oversaw the whole farm which helped hone my skills in crop planning, Labor, Production, infrastructure development, pest and disease management, and educating young farmers.

While still at Seminary Hill Farm I began consultation with the Urban Farm Church in north linden Columbus in 2022. They have 4 acres in Columbus that they wanted to utilize to help feed and educate the local community. I helped them get a budget and initial plan together and later accepted the position of Farm and Education Developer in early 2023.  Over the past year we have built a little over a 1/2 acre of no dig beds for vegetable production a large berry field and a 1/2-acre native flower prairie. This project is completely community and grant funded with all the produce going back to the community for free.

I am currently still with The Urban Farm church while working on building this consulting/ development business. I hope to share my 15 years experience with as many people as possible!

Feel free to reach out or visit the Urban Farm Church.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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