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Seminary Hill Farm

My journey in agricultural development began with an apprenticeship at Seminary Hill Farm in Delaware, Ohio, in 2016, when the farm was only in it’s second season. Over my 7 years there, I became farm manager, helping plan and build the farm up to a 10-acre market farm with a strong CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

The main focus of Seminary Hill Farm was agricultural education. During the program, I helped train over 30 interns with no farm experience to become confident farmers. I didn't plan on becoming an educator, but I found being a part of people’s growth and empowerment fulfilling.

At the program’s peak, we harvested over 30,000 pounds of food, grew 80+ different varieties of crops, and served over 200 CSA members in a single season. Using my mycology background, the farm was able to implement indoor and outdoor mushroom production, which had over an acre of wine cap beds, 100's of mushroom logs, and an indoor space that could produce over 200lbs of mushrooms per week. 

Working with Seminary Hill Farm was rewarding because I was able to learn how to scale and manage the farm while running an education program that benefited the community I lived in. This made me a well rounded farmer with a broad range of skills for agricultural development.

Skills utilized at Seminary Hill Farm:


Systems building

Education & training

Crop Planning

Tracking system development

Food Safety

Soil building

Pest management


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